From dirt roads and big dreams, Country Boy Farms was founded by lifelong friends, Jason and Sarah Steele and Nick and Becca Weisenberger. Along the banks of Michigan’s Shiawassee River, they grew up together in a small town named Chesaning and are proud to have planted the roots of Country Boy Farms in the same place they were raised.

Our founders come from a tough breed of farmers with a love for growing plants imbedded in their DNA. For decades, they researched, dreamed of and worked tirelessly to build this business. They have been producing top shelf products since the passage of the MMMP (Michigan Medical Marijuana Program) in 2008. The Weisenberger’s and the Steele’s are deeply committed to their roots, which they believe, lies within the MMMP program.

We are not the typical business folks. You won’t see any suits or ties at Country Boy Farms. The owners are self-made with a very strong work ethic and the highest commitment to excellence in the cannabis market. They believe there are right ways and wrong ways to grow cannabis and will always choose the right way even when it’s the harder route.

CBF is an independent company that values their employees above all else. We know our greatest assets are the people who show up daily to produce the quality products we stamp our name on. We like to keep it light and happy around the pharm – for both the plants and our workers.

At the end of the day, Country Boy Farms is a company owned and operated by friends and family. We love working and playing together right here in Chesaning, Michigan. Country Boy Farms is not your normal cannabis company. We are happily camped outside the norm and intend to keep it that way!


1117 N Main St.
Chesaning, MI 48616


(989) 323-2092 


8 AM – 5 PM
Monday – Friday