Your California Connection To The Midwest

Located in the quiet village of Quincy, Michigan, His & Herbs is a California cannabis brand that stands out from the rest. Our dedicated team of passionate entrepreneurs and healthcare caregivers have years of experience exploring and using cannabis as a holistic alternative to psychiatric and chronic pain medications. We understand the healing powers of high-quality herbs firsthand.

We are committed to finding exceptional cannabis genetics and creating new strains to provide our community with the best possible product. His & Herbs is not just about the product. We’re equally dedicated to educating our community about the benefits of cannabis use and promoting a culture of wellness and self-care. 

Our goal is to revolutionize the way people think about self-care and wellness. At His & Herbs, we believe in building relationships within the Michigan cannabis community and expanding our cannabis experience to hospitality and food experiences in the southern Michigan marketplace. We’re committed to being the go-to for anyone looking to experience the wellness power of high-quality cannabis. Our genetics are anything but common. If it says His & Herbs, you can count on it!



1117 N Main St.
Chesaning, MI 48616



8 AM – 5 PM
Monday – Friday