Recreational Flower

Tropic Truffle Exotic Genetix

Sweet, citrus, energetic aroma with insane flavor

This strain is a chocolatey tropical treat from Exotic Genetix as part of their 2018 Mint Chocolate Chip lineup. Bred by crossing Oni Seed Co.’s Tropicana Cookies with Mint Chocolate Chip, Tropic Truffle offers a rancid orange terpene profile that will spike your interest while making you scrunch up your nose. This strain also puts out rich purple hues that contrast with lime green buds, giving this strain a candy-like appeal.

Check out the colors on this.  This is amazing bud.  We having been pheno hunting this strain for over a year, it was worth it.   Like all our flower you get sticky, dense nugs!  An aroma that will slap you in the face.  Terps so good you will be back for more. NOTE:Few seeds have been found